Finally Publishing Online

This blog has been long in the making, conceived near the end of undergraduate school. Apparently, I needed a number of years to grow in general knowledge, as well as mature in what is holy. I find myself ready to share with the public edifying thoughts on history & science. Current events, every so often, will also be engaged. Indeed, it is time to venture forward, adding a voice seeking what is true, good, and beautiful among a world abundant in foolishness and sin.

Now, I confess that the humanities are my primary field, the sciences being of secondary ability. Why then dare throw my hat into this ring? Well, what we know and believe about the natural world is essential to how we view ourselves as human beings. I may not be a scientist in the formal sense, though I possess a fair level of competence to reflect on its nature. To be more transparent, at the very least I am sure of this. Besides, the scientific world has always been wrought with error and unholy endeavors.

As you have already made an educated guess, yes, I am a religious man. More specifically, yet still vaguely, I am an orthodox reformed Christian. Thus, this blog is an extension of my individual ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ. May each post be proceeded by much contemplation and prayer, not to mention the necessary periods of research.

There will be the occasional piece of opinion/critique, yet I find there are plenty critical words of opposition on the internet. Instead, this will more be an inquiry into humanity and nature. Together shall we be blessed by knowledge and give thanks to holy God, who graciously bestows it to His image. May I persist in study and not fear the will of man.

6 thoughts on “Finally Publishing Online

  1. Holy – dedicated or devoted to the service of God.
    Knowledge – acquaintance with facts, truths, and or principles.
    I greatly look foreword to what He’s prepared you to show and share with us!


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